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The joy of rural America

When the fall begins, millions of hunting enthusiasts in the United States will flock to wilderness areas to hunt birds and hunt animals. Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is often for those who like to hunt big animals like bison, wolf, mountain lion, moose, mountain goat and wild sheep. Going to the deer hunting trip of an American family, this is also an opportunity to learn the rural life of the flag country.

It must be said that American farmers live well, abandoned fields still have uneven money. In order to limit the amount of agricultural products that are too abundant and the prices are low, the Government has encouraged farmers to turn around to make land fallow in certain time periods. Farmers only need to apply to declare how many fields, what they are planting, how many acres are not planted …, if they meet the government’s requirements, they will be entitled to 75% of the regular income . However, the government also asked farmers to plant grass in abandoned areas so that wild animals have a fertile environment. Thanks to this policy, the service of hunting tourism was born and thrived. Now the farm owners will advertise how many wild land samples I have, including what animals there are, the number of how many … and the clubs and hunting tours will be based on. Arrange programs, hotels, restaurants. Many companies also organize annual hunting trips for the employees, hearing that only a hunting session costs an average of 200 USD per person.

To hunt for wild animals, visitors need to buy hunting permits for each area and species they want to hunt. In addition, there must be a hunting rifle, binoculars or a telescope to see the animal before it is discovered. We have obtained licenses to hunt antelopes, deer and donkey ears. On the first day, we saw a group of elk just below the foothills. The elk flocks were too far away to hit, so when they started moving away, we decided to turn down the hill and follow their feet, trying to get close enough to hit.
Conquer the Grand Teton range

The hunt for the whole group is still long but for me, Wyoming nature is more attractive than this hobby. Following the winding pass roads, the group entered the Grand Teton National Forest. The road is quite easy to travel, on both sides of the road is very beautiful with the river meandering in the green meadows and the buffalo of wild buffalo grazing. In the distance, the smooth blue lake surface is covered in high mountains covered with white snow and vast, uncontrolled pine forest. Before entering the 191 motorway, the road goes along the Snake River (Snake River). The river water is fast and meandering so it attracts many people to play the canoe rider. Our car was running on the high road, looking down to see the canoes loaded with people wearing red life jackets rowing against the water.
This majestic Grand Teton Range has 12 peaks above 3,500 meters. The mountains are all year round. Before entering the national forest, we stayed at Jackson, a small town and houses, streets made of trees like in a cowboy movie. Looking from above, the town seemed to be in the middle of four high-mountain, green mountain walls. Right in the center of the town there is a square with four gates made of thousands of horns. Jackson is quite interesting thanks to a lot of thrilling entertainment for tourists, in which the most risky is riding bison. We all stuck out our tongue as we watched the rider forcefully embrace the cow’s neck tightly, while the ferocious bison kept jumping. The bad impression of the bison only diminished when we had lunch with some delicious dishes made from this animal. Wild beef made steaks or chopped into hamburgers is also delicious. Everyone ate to forget about having to enjoy the food of the Red Indians.

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Attractive mobile games for gamers passionate about hunting

Deer Hunter 2014

The 2014 Deer Hunter inherits the advantages and improvements of previous versions, so the game is quickly supported by gamers around the world since its debut. Coming to Deer Hunter 2014, players will participate in exciting hunting. Your main task is to stalk prey, aim and defeat it.

After the rounds, defeating the prey will receive money in the game to buy, upgrade the equipment needed for the next hunting round. The difficulty of the game is that in addition to simple shooting screens, the game has a variety of moving targets or aggressive animals that can come back to attack you at any time.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Change the atmosphere a bit with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, your goal this time is the extinct Dinosaurs. The game is designed with a separate 3D environment including pine forest, swamp and hills suitable for various hunting tactics.

Players will have to use all the elements such as wind direction, scent to create attention dinosaurs, monitor the situation and end the goal. There are many maps and dinosaurs, besides a skilled hunter weapon system for players.

Ice Age Hunter

Returning to the Ice Age on an island, cold and exhausted but still standing up to fight to protect your life. Coming to Ice Age Hunter, you will face wild mammal beasts full of monstrous flying creatures or mammoth elephants that are only seen through movies.

The unique feature of the game is that it allows players to roam around exploring with a specialized motorbike to go on ice, and remember to pay attention to the compass.

Dragon Slayer

Perhaps the dragon species is only in legend, but they are all mentioned along with terrifying powers with giant form. So, to satisfy your pleasure, you cannot use conventional ammunition to hunt them, control your character in the game with special magic abilities. You can equip magic gloves, armor, robes and find a companion to destroy the scary targets. Try a new style of play on this topic with Dragon Slayer.

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Bow Hunter- Surreal “hunting” game on mobile

Bow Hunter is a 3D game that simulates the super-realistic hunting process to prepare for a mobile landing on July 14th.
Bow Hunter is a very interesting and attractive hunting game that will launch on mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms on July 14th. With the players who love hunting, want to be a great hunter, Bow Hunter will be the name that you should not ignore, one of the best-rated hunting products on the phone.
Under archery game genre first-person perspective with true world and colorful 3D graphics, players will play a deer hunter with the journey through many different lands in the forest bushy. Not only hunting with bow arrows, players must use real tricks to apply to this game as a disguise.
In Bow Hunter, players will be able to explore the dense forests of the United States to compete and win valuable prizes with a variety of other hunters around the world. This game requires you to rely on your dexterity and excellent reflexes to become the best hunter. Besides, in addition to weapons that are the bow and arrow, players also need to pay attention to using other items such as Rangefinders to distance themselves from their prey.
Each stage includes different tasks and tasks so that players can show their hunting skills as well as tactics to control their prey. However, the main content is still hunting scenes with bows and prey ahead. After you have completed the hunt, you will have the opportunity to unlock the next area and many in-game aids.
What is quite interesting in Bow Hunter is that, like real life hunting, the arrows fired are affected by the wind speed and will sink after a certain distance, so the hunter will need to be patient and wait to catch the prey.
According to the developer, compared to previous game versions of the same genre, the Bow Hunter visual and sound effects have been significantly improved. Game owns true 3D graphics platform with beautiful and vivid motion effects like real. The environment in the game is very diverse, from the sunlight shining through the canopy to the animal design in the game is also polished and meticulous. Add to that the slow-motion effect every time that shot finishes an animal.

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The most dangerous predators in the wild world

1) Killer whale: sea gods
The only surviving species of the genus Orcinus, killer whales are being actively protected by animal conservation organizations. They also have many different names like tigerfish, black dolphin or sea wolf. The large fish diet is quite diverse with prey like walruses, sea lions, seals, small dolphins, …

2) Siberian Tiger: the world’s largest striped cat breed
Compared to the reputation of killing tigers of Bengal tigers, the large Siberian tiger is considered more gentle. This mottled cat friend despises small prey and favors big prey like brown bear and black bear.

3) Deathstalker scorpion: serial killer
The poisonous scorpion Deathstalker is only found in North Africa and the Middle East but is responsible for more than 75% of scorpion deaths every year around the world.
4) Wild Fossa: Madagascar island god
The Fossa is a carnivorous animal shaped like a wild cat half a mountain lion. In the natural environment of Madagascar, they occupy the top position as a brutal, opportunistic predator. From rats to wild pigs, no species will escape the teeth and claws of the adult Fossa.
5) Brown Recluse Spider: small monsters come and go like a wind
These eight-legged predators often hide in dark holes in the home or under the decaying bark of the outdoors. If they are bothered, they will jump up and bite.

Brown Recluse venom bite will cause severe skin ulcers leading to necrosis. Scary that when attacked, the victim did not feel any pain.

6) Frog Poison Dart: a small animal carrying a neurotoxin on its back
This is not a frog prince in fairy tales! Their shiny and colorful skin has enough toxins to defeat dozens of Asians.

7) Jellyfish Box Jellyfish box: the most unique species in the soft family
Unlike other jellyfish, box jellyfish do not float in the water but actively chase prey and actively spray venom to control the object. In particular, in each attack, the amount of toxins in its dozens of tentacles was enough to kill 60 people.

8) Stonefish devil fish: camouflage no opponent
When swimming in saltwater areas in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Florida coast, you must carefully look down at your feet to avoid hitting the world’s only fish!

9) Hyena: wild breeds on pastures

Under daylight, this half-breed dog-like animal usually doesn’t feel intimidating. Only when night falls, the hyena’s bright eyes will be able to scare anyone weak.

The reason why wild dogs live popularly in Africa is present in the list of evil predators located in their body-eating behavior. Although it only happened in the state of war and plague, the special love for the villain’s dead body in the movie “The Lion King” still scared us.
 10) Sea lions: the hunting machine is about to become extinct

Although considered a highly skilled predator, the risk of permanent loss of sea lions is completely real. Now around the world, you can only find the last 5 genera of this species.

Because mainly living in the North Pacific, the submarine predator must be directly affected by global warming phenomena. Climate change has melted and destroyed the habitat of a range of larger fish and animals such as seals, making sea lions inadequate.

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Discover the hunting habits of African lions

African lions and lions in general are generally strong animals, with a very assertive, clever way of prey.
Lions are said to be opportunistic predators, possessing stealthy steps according to their prey. They will grab the animal nearest them without considering the age, gender or condition of the prey.
Lions often cup prey after they “catch” it, but it is “eaten fresh”, but they can still eat leftovers, even rotting food of other carnivorous animals to when they are unable to hunt.
If there is an abundance of food, the lion usually eats every 3 to 4 days. But they can also live without any food for a week. The average lion consumes between 5 and 7 kg of meat per day.
An adult lion can kill about 15 prey each year. The usual rule for African lions is that they only hunt enough food, but they also make a little extra to “subsidize” young or sick lions in the herd. .
The way of hunting of African lions
African lions when hunting predominantly use their eyes. Although the visual cues that play the main role, finishing olfactory will also help inform them where there are prey.
Most hunting takes place in poor lighting conditions, ie night or early morning. In daylight, when every animal can see clearly, hunting right now is extremely disadvantageous. Because lion hunting techniques mainly depend on stalking.

In fact, the “durable” African lion is not good, so they often come very close to their prey before attacking. Lions often take determined attacks when they are about 10m away from the prey, rarely exceeding 20m. They do not hunt in groups and hunt alone.
Usually the lioness hunts more than the male lion, but in the case of large-sized prey, it is necessary to be strong when the male lion will act.
Lions are a powerful animal, they can use the power of their hips to attack and defeat an adult zebra. They can inflict a fatal blow to the head antelope, only a slap in the face is enough to stun the prey.