Beagle Outdoor Wear




"From now on we'll only wear Beagle."

-The Benoits


"Warmth and comfort on a hunt are critical," confides Benoit brothers Lanny Shane and Lane.  
"When your warm and dry you can stay out there all day tracking the big ones."

Representing the next generation of Benoit Brothers, the brothers continually balance tradition 
with innovation. "Our family's always worn wool and I've always worn wool" notes Lanny, 
"but it got wet and the wind went right through it."

Thanks to innovative, high tech materials, there's now a new generation of wool outerwear 
available. Beagle Outdoor Wear manufactures this quality water and stain resistant, durable 
and breathable outerwear that also features the warmth and comfort of wool.

Our family has been outfitted in wool for generation, adds Shane, "but when something else is 
better and it keeps you warm and dry, you'd be crazy not to make it your new family tradition
That's what we've done with Beagle clothing - we're all wearing it!"

This season, join the Benoits and outfit yourself in 
next generation wool from Beagle Outdoor Wear

  • Water and stain resistant, breathable and lightweight clothing

  • High tech materials combined with durable, tight weave wool

  • Designed and manufactured in Vermont

  • Extensive line, including pants, coats, bibs, vests, hats and more

  • 100% guaranteed against craftsmanship defects for lifetime of garment

For more information on the Benoit Hunting Jacket, click here

(Shane & Lanny at Kevin's Taxidermy in Swanton, VT)



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