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Eskimo’s terrible whale hunting season

At the end of March every year, two-thirds of the Eskimo will leave home to begin their whale hunting journey to store food for the upcoming long winter. The hunter team consisted of nearly all healthy men in the village and some women following the logistic service. The Eskimo hunter team will go to the most common whale areas in Alaska and the Hope bay and find a convenient location to set up a camp to start a long hunt. Hunters are divided into small groups to work on. Hunting boats are distributed about 200m apart and alternately looking for whales 24 hours a day.
Hunting whales in cold Arctic seas has many difficulties and dangers such as erratic winds and winds that overturn boats, icebergs threatening to damage boats, falling feet and falling onto thin ice can lead to death. … Therefore, it requires hunters to be highly impatient. The Eskimo had 1,000 years of whale hunting history and until now their hunting methods have not changed much. They used sharp hooks to throw at whales, causing them to bleed to exhaustion and forced themselves to the surface before pulling to shore. Because of this traditional way of hunting for whales, Ekismo people are hunting heavily.

Because of the cold, scarcity of food, every Eskimo family also hoarded food and foodstuffs mainly seal meat, bears, deer, cod … to use for months and when sick. Seals are the most important food of the Eskimo and they often hunt them with fishing rods and harpoon. In the winter, they found holes in the ice surface of the seal’s underwater breathing holes and inserted them into the ivory fishing rod, when the seal found it strange or breathless to shake the fishing rod, they immediately took plunging through the ice hole killed it. In spring, it is easier to hunt seals because they are on the shore of heating. In the summer, they used a chase boat to hunt seals. Eskimo people often saw whale meat at the shore to ease drying and transport to the village.

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The world’s most advanced hunting hut

Luxury has crept into even the most unexpected industries, including hunting. In the past, hunting was just sleeping on the ground and baking spoils on homemade fire. Today, more and more people come to hunting, including rock stars or royal figures. However, they demand higher than that, their hunting experience must include 5-star getaway, world-class service and Michelin-class cuisine.

Here are hunting halls that are arguably the most luxurious on the planet for the target hunting enthusiasts.

1. Rancho Caracol, Brownsville, Texas
Nestled at the foot of the mountain and looking towards the famous Las Alazanas lake, Rancho Caracol offers a Mexican-style experience. Especially this hut has the appearance of a high-class beach resort.

2. Dymond Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Under Webbers Lodges, the Dymond Lake hut is hailed as the most luxurious hunting hut in Canada. Located in Central Flyway center in Manitoba, the hut holds a perfect terrain for those who love bird hunting. There are also many elk, arctic reindeer and other species. Inside the hut there are stone fireplaces, covered verandas, hot tubs, saunas, game rooms and 4 luxury rooms.

3. Rainbow Bay Resort, Pedro Bay, Alaska
This luxurious and rustic resort is located south of Anchorage near Lake Iliama. Customers can hunt bears and elk, as well as lots of colorful fish.

Each bedroom includes 2 large beds and a private bathroom, along with cedar furniture. Customers can rest on luxurious leather chairs in the living room, or find a bar in the large room, or enjoy a family meal around the long table in the dining room. After a long day of hunting, relaxing on the terrace looking towards the shimmering lake in the moonlight will be a perfect choice.

Special menu: Alaska salmon with crushed herbs with butter, garlic, chili.

4. The Aloe’s Camp, South Africa
Animals for hunting here include black-backed jackals, wild boars, wild deer and wildebeest. With the guidance of a professional hunter, all local laws and regulations are guaranteed to comply. The getaway includes a wide variety of high-class suites, a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant.

Special menu: Fillet wildebeest spiced with South African spices served with fresh vegetables.

5. Paws Up Resort, Greenough, Montana
The huts here are no different from high-class hotel rooms with private bathrooms, heated floors and electric showers. Guests can choose to take a break in City’s tent and enjoy a meal at the Dining Pavilion, just enjoying the hearty food while immersed in the spectacular scenery of Lookout Rock.

Special menu: Rocky mountain fresh salmon sauteed with herbs.

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Skip the gym and hit the jungle

Have you ever ever notion of taking over looking as a recreation or as a interest however have been dubious if in the end it will be really worth the time, effort and cash spent at the myriad of gears? Nicely, this newsletter will persuade you to achieve this, with the aid of listing a number of the fantastic advantages you’ll reap.

Keeps body fitness in test: Skip the gym and hit the jungle or hunting grounds alternatively. The effort you may use trailing and searching down animals is as top as any aerobic exercise. This increases your coronary heart fee and improves blood stream, main to basic higher health. searching gear may be heavy, especially rifles, and lifting it constantly will sculpt those bicep muscle tissues. Not to say, whenever you rating a sport, the thrill of it sends a surge of adrenaline which stimulates glycolysis to produce extra glucose.

Bonding time with circle of relatives: in preference to spending time watching television, why now not bring the entire family on a hunt? it’s far a tremendous manner to bond because it entails a whole lot of trust, communication and team paintings. Moreover, you may get to rejoice together whilst the looking trip is successful or even put together dinner collectively from the acquired prey. there is no better feeling than that, really. The young ones may be capable of research a lot approximately the outdoors and choose up on talents so one can serve significantly them later on. If hunting happens to be a culture for your family, make sure to hold the way of life going as those will function super reminiscences to look back upon.

Develop skills: Searching definitely allows you to pick up abilities which leads to better personal growth. some of the ones skills consist of field, endurance, better time control and an increase in alertness. You’ll discover that you are now not gradual or everywhere in the region however alternatively, complete of electricity and put together. furthermore, hunting additionally enables you to increase survival skills which may be very important as you will be managing wild animals. It allows in maintaining your wits sharp and being capable of spot symptoms of hazard. protection must be a primary precedence.

Balance the surroundings: Ultimately, through taking over hunting as a sport, you’ll be doing all your element in assisting stability out the ecosystem. In most instances, deer breed very speedy and can increase hastily in numbers in a short time frame leading to overpopulation. This reasons an imbalance in meals chains and food webs due to the fact those deer eat most of the number one producers. This induces opposition among many different species and people who are weaker and smaller in the end die. Hence, by killing a few hundred deer every 12 months, it enables stability the ecosystem.
Hope you enjoyed analyzing this article and proper good fortune searching!

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Hunting-an aristocratic sport of the Russians

Russia is going into the last days of football fever. But this place has another fascinating sport, only for the upper class in the winter: Hunting.

Aristocratic sport
First, it must be confirmed that hunting is legal in Russia, provided that a license is granted and only certain species are hunted, at certain times of the year. On the journey of traveling in the vast territory of Russia, the Football correspondent has learned a lot of stories about hunting pleasure of the giants in the winter.

The World Cup took place in the summer, so I could not have had the opportunity to follow the hunting expedition into the thick forests of Russia to experience this noble sport. Hunting activities only take place in the winter or spring because this is not the breeding season, and when there is snow, it is easier to follow the animal’s footprint.

In Russia, hunting is only for the elite. License to hunt about 3,000 USD in the area near Moscow (but only small deer, squirrels, rabbits or porcupines). If hunting elk, hunting costs range from $ 1,500-8,000 for hunting, depending on the duration of the trip (3-12 days). Bear hunting is even more expensive, costing up to $ 15,000.

In addition, hunters must “foster” the guide about 500-700 USD / hunting session. The chaperone is responsible for rearing and training hounds to wait for the hunting season, and to guide the hunters in the forest on the way back, which species and which species (some species are numbered) can hunt.

In addition, this sport requires good health to cope with the cold weather, as well as ensure movement in dense snow conditions. Not many people satisfy these two most important conditions (health and economy) to pursue hunting.
In addition to serving the Russians, the Russian government also opened its doors to foreigners to experience hunting here. Of course, the regulation of bringing weapons into Russian territory is strictly controlled.

Diverse fauna system
Russia is the country with the largest territorial area in the world, experiencing 2 continents of Asia – Europe with many wild areas, so the animal system in Russia is very diverse. Depending on the time, hunters may be allowed to hunt many different species such as elk, muntjac, squirrel, rabbit, otter, porcupine, wild boar …

The animals mentioned above are in the main “menu” of hunting athletes, but they live in areas far away from each other. So every ticket to hunt in a forest can only hunt certain animals. For example, beavers are abundant in areas near the border of Belarus – Ukraine, bears are concentrated in Siberia …

For hunters, their unit of measurement is the animals that were shot down and their masses. For example, at the end of 2015, hunter Peter Maximov became famous for shooting down a boar weighing up to 535kg, shoulder height up to 1.70m in the Ural Mountains. It should be noted that in Eastern Europe, the average index of adult boars is only 300-350kg weight and 1.20m shoulder height. Maximov had to mobilize trucks to pull the spoils.

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Great hunting skill of the “gunner” animals

To survive in a dangerous animal world, each species needs to equip themselves with appropriate survival skills. Many species have chosen to evolve to become “gunners”, specializing in remote attacks instead of “leaf armor” battles to deal with prey.

Fish archers – shoot accurately bait up to 2m

Archery fish is the nickname of the pompano, the scientific name is Toxotidae. This family of fish consists of 7 species, distributed in the Indian Ocean and Pacific waters.
This is the most formidable gunner of the animal world because of its ability to accurately shoot prey up to 2m away – a distance 10 times larger than the body length less than 20cm. Archers often swim and observe insects and small animals on branches near the water. After that, they will gently approach and defeat the prey.
With a specially formed mouth, archery fish can utilize the dynamics of water to create spray force. Specifically, it adjusted the velocity and shape of the jet of water sprayed in the air, creating a flow of water with force 6 times the force of the jaw muscle. They can even estimate the weight of their prey to use the right amount of water, which helps them to be effective and still effective.

This spray can easily shoot prey that is sitting on the tree and falls on the water. The rest is simply swimming and “cup”.

Chameleon – catch prey lies 1.5 times more than the body length

Chameleon is one of the top assassins, likened to the small animal ninja world. Not only talented disguise “naturalization”, deceiving the enemy, the chameleon also possesses a very dangerous remote attack weapon, that is the tongue.
The attack with the tongue is fast, powerful and amazingly accurate. By using high-speed video and X-ray film, two Dutch biologists calculated the tongue of the chameleon rushing out of its mouth at speeds of up to 6m / s. It can catch prey located farther than 1.5 body length.

They also found that the lizard’s tongue accelerated from 0 to 6m/s in about 20 ms (milliseconds), so fast that it did not follow the general vital energy rules in muscles. Until now, scientists have yet to explain this extraordinary “tongue-thrust” mechanism.
In addition to skills such as good swimming, superior tree climbing, body discoloration and especially stereoscopic eyes with independently rotating pupils, the chameleon has a wide range of views. It can be said that chameleon converges almost full of elements of an ideal assassin.