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The Three Most Popular Types of Hunting in the US


Millions of people enjoy the sport of hunting, and it is still an important source of food for many families in the US and around the world. There are several types of hunting out there. In this article, we will introduce the three most popular types of hunting that are currently practiced in the US.

Modern Firearms Hunting

Modern firearms hunting might be the most popular style of hunting that remains practiced today. However, you need to understand that there are different rules, regulations, and seasons for each type of firearm. Shotguns, handguns, and rifles have different rules and different seasons. For some animals all three are legal, but at different times. For some others, only one of these is legal to use.

Understanding the way each firearm works is key to choosing the right gun for the season as well as increasing the successful level of hunting.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is probably the second most popular, only behind modern firearms hunting. People usually bow hunt for the local species of deer. This might account for the overwhelming amount of recreational deer hunting taking place in the U.S.

The most important thing to note about bow hunting is that while many states in the US have bows and crossbows on the same season, others do not. Therefore, remember to check local rules and regulations beforehand since some states separate the two seasons while some do not.

Muzzleloader (Black Powder) Hunting

Muzzleloader (black powder) hunting is limited in many areas in the US, but this type is popular with a very small group of hunters who are fans of the challenge. This traditional form of hunting uses any firearms loaded through the muzzle. This type of hunting requires a lot of skill to be able to get into close range and make a very good high-pressure shot.