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Top ten best hunting games for Android (part 3)


Wild Hunter 3D

Price: Free to play

Wild Hunter 3D is a mission hunting game. Boasting more than 200 story missions, this game has a surprising amount of content. In addition, it offers a bunch of weapons for players to collect and upgrade, as well as decent mechanics and graphics. It takes a few times for players to get used to the game’s controls because there are so many buttons. But that’s about the only key gripe that we have aside from it being to play game for free. In general, it’s a decent hunting simulator for those who don’t mind the in-app purchases.

Wild Hunt

Price: Free to play

Wild Hunt is one of the most popular hunting games. Playing this game, you can hunt various wild games. It also features a variety of maps in different countries, adding difficulty with stuff such as rain and wind, and even several social gaming elements. Boasting real locations and actual animals, this game has no fiction. Players collect weapons and upgrade them as they do in free titles. The PvP is a little bit weird. In addition, it easily becomes one of the few that reaches for the top in this genre of game.

Pokemon Go and similar games

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Go is a bit of a mental stretch but it is a hunting game at its core. This game allows players to go out into the real world to take gyms, battle each other, and, surely, hunt down Pokemon and catch them. This game will get you out of your chair and come into the real world. However, it may get you disappointed at the lack of stuff such as guns. This is a family friendly game. It won’t scratch that hunting sim itch or perhaps it will since you have to go out into nature.


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Invasive Animals Are Taking Over North America

A few of the animals dwelling on our North American landscapes come from someplace else. A few are invasive, a few are welcomed, and some are so ubiquitous with the North American carrying revel in that the general public don’t realise the animals did not originate from here.
However, interestingly enough, they’ve emerge as part of our looking and food lifestyle. a number of these animals are invasive and a deadly disease at the landscape, and but others quietly thrive in huntable populations. and that they do all of this on handy public lands.
1. Himalayan Snowcock, Nevada
Part of the pheasant circle of relatives, the Himalayan snowcock changed into introduced to Nevada’s Ruby Mountains as a recreation species in 1961. They’re big for an upland species, weighing among four and seven pounds as adults, and they have beautiful plumes.
A populace of 200-500 birds now lives above treeline in the Rubies. Nevada has instituted a -bird every day restriction/possession rule as a way to hold the population sturdy.

2. Ibex, New Mexico
Those beautiful little deer originated in India and came to Hawaii by means of way of a gift in the 1860s. They proliferated with excessive fulfillment of their new and fertile environment, and there are now massive populations of these animals on each Maua and Lanai.
Hawaii does offer DIY public land hunting possibilities, and different nonnative species abound as nicely. Except tour and accommodations, it’s a distinctly low cost hunt and a easy license to buy. and many hunters tout that it’s a number of the maximum scrumptious sport they’ve attempted.
3. Javelina, Arizona
The Javelina, or collared peccary, is a South American migration achievement tale. Their arrival in North the USA in all fairness recent, and the species itself proliferates from its northern range of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas all the all the way down to Argentina. They’re the only wild ungulate with a year-long breeding season in the Western Hemisphere.
quite, they’re actually no longer carefully associated with pigs. they are to be had via a decently less costly draw through Arizona recreation and Fish. moreover, you can hunt them in both spring and fall seasons.
4. Sika Deer, Maryland
Regularly known as “miniature elk,” sika deer come from Japan but made their manner to the jap seashores of Maryland as an introduced species in 1916. referred to as stags and hinds, these little critters go through a rut just like their large elk cousins, in which they whistle in place of bugle.
inside the rut, they may be referred to as in similar to an elk. Country and public land possibilities do exist to seek these deer. And you may get your license through Maryland Fish and recreation.

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Trophy hunting in Africa is in decline

In addendums to his IUCN file titled ‘Africa is converting: must its covered regions evolve? Reconfiguring the protected region in Africa’, natural world vet and protected regions representative Bertrand Chardonnet proposes that big game/trophy looking is in a kingdom of decline and is no longer able to pay for its ecological footprint, leading to poaching and habitat loss in looking concessions.

Chardonnet’s notion is in opposition to the heritage of the subsequent 3 signs:

1. The revolutionary disappearance of large sport/trophy

Looking zones due to farming sports related to population boom. Nations along with Senegal, Niger, Chad, automobile, DR Congo, Sudan, Malawi and Angola have lost 90% of land formerly to be had to huge recreation looking, while nations along with Kenya, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire and Botswana chose to shut huge sport hunting.

Among international locations nonetheless offering big recreation searching, ecosystem degradation and decline of sport species has caused the non-use of tremendous portions of former large recreation hunting areas – 72% in Tanzania and 40% in Zambia. In Tanzania, a hundred and ten out of 154 looking zones had been abandoned because they’re no longer worthwhile for large recreation/ trophy searching. This represents a floor region of a hundred and 40,000 km2, or four times the size of Tanzania’s countrywide parks.

2. The decrease within the number of shot animals

Tanzania is Africa’s leading United States for massive game hunting in unfenced areas, and but the numbers of lions and elephants shot have plummeted over the last 6 years.

The dramatic surge in ivory poaching in Tanzania has caused the fall apart of elephants available for hunting, as big sport hunters target the identical huge-tusked people that poachers goal. deliberating the slow increase rate of tusks, it will take decades of safety with zero offtake before elephant looking can recommence – a likely death-blow for the massive sport hunting industry in Tanzania. As become the case with lions, the offered quotas were a long way in excess of what turned into available – with 2 hundred elephants available on quota as much as 2013 and 100 because 2014. The suspension of elephant trophy imports into united states become only imposed in 2014 – a long way after the decline in to be had elephants, and had little impact at the sustainability of the trophy searching enterprise.

In northern Cameroon, the animals harvested per annum halved over the length 2008 to 2016, regardless of the equal variety of hunters.

3. The decrease within the variety of hunters

The range of hunters in nations that offer trophy hunters to Africa have dropped dramatically. For example, in USA, the number of hunters had dropped by way of 18.5% between 1991 and 2016, from 14,1 million to 11.5 million. In France, the drop turned into 50% in 40 years.

In terms of big sport hunters touring African international locations, the numbers are not as clean to access, but South Africa has visible a 60,5% drop in 8 years, from 16,594 in 2008 to 6,539 in 2016. In 2018, the previous president of the Tanzanian hunting Operators association stated that lion and elephant hunts had dropped to a handful.

The average spend in Tanzania by trophy looking operators for anti-poaching efforts changed into US$zero.18 in keeping with hectare consistent with year – far off the contemporary standards folks $7,8, and Kenyan wildlife carrier’s discern folks $14. Via spending a trifling 2% of the specified amount, Tanzanian trophy hunters have not been able to maintain biodiversity in those regions. general revenue generated with the aid of the 200,000 km2 of hunting areas in Tanzania is US$30 million according to annum, while the conservation cost for that land, if achieved efficiently, could be US$150 million in line with annum.

Furthermore, the quantity gathered from Tanzanian trophy searching operators were now not all utilized in Tanzania, as highlighted in the Panama Papers monetary scandal, which underlined the bad governance of this area.
In South Africa Peter Flack, one of the leading defenders of looking in 2018 wrote in his weblog that when a 50% decrease in the number of foreign hunters in only some years, many recreation farmers have been killing their wild animals and changing them with farm animals, given the poor economic state of affairs of the game farming sector. This follows the attempts to control the wild, moral character to keep these exploitations economically viable using synthetic manner, first of at some stage in the hunting of lions stored in small enclosures (canned hunting), then through the genetic manipulation of ungulates to provide animals with exclusive colorations or larger trophies sought after by using hunters. Condemnation of each practises has come from all corners, together with companies of IUCN professionals, and the costs of these animals have now dropped to their lowest stage. This leaves numerous sport farms without actual assets of profits and accordingly without any manner of investment their conservation.

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Hunting-an aristocratic sport of the Russians

Russia is going into the last days of football fever. But this place has another fascinating sport, only for the upper class in the winter: Hunting.

Aristocratic sport
First, it must be confirmed that hunting is legal in Russia, provided that a license is granted and only certain species are hunted, at certain times of the year. On the journey of traveling in the vast territory of Russia, the Football correspondent has learned a lot of stories about hunting pleasure of the giants in the winter.

The World Cup took place in the summer, so I could not have had the opportunity to follow the hunting expedition into the thick forests of Russia to experience this noble sport. Hunting activities only take place in the winter or spring because this is not the breeding season, and when there is snow, it is easier to follow the animal’s footprint.

In Russia, hunting is only for the elite. License to hunt about 3,000 USD in the area near Moscow (but only small deer, squirrels, rabbits or porcupines). If hunting elk, hunting costs range from $ 1,500-8,000 for hunting, depending on the duration of the trip (3-12 days). Bear hunting is even more expensive, costing up to $ 15,000.

In addition, hunters must “foster” the guide about 500-700 USD / hunting session. The chaperone is responsible for rearing and training hounds to wait for the hunting season, and to guide the hunters in the forest on the way back, which species and which species (some species are numbered) can hunt.

In addition, this sport requires good health to cope with the cold weather, as well as ensure movement in dense snow conditions. Not many people satisfy these two most important conditions (health and economy) to pursue hunting.
In addition to serving the Russians, the Russian government also opened its doors to foreigners to experience hunting here. Of course, the regulation of bringing weapons into Russian territory is strictly controlled.

Diverse fauna system
Russia is the country with the largest territorial area in the world, experiencing 2 continents of Asia – Europe with many wild areas, so the animal system in Russia is very diverse. Depending on the time, hunters may be allowed to hunt many different species such as elk, muntjac, squirrel, rabbit, otter, porcupine, wild boar …

The animals mentioned above are in the main “menu” of hunting athletes, but they live in areas far away from each other. So every ticket to hunt in a forest can only hunt certain animals. For example, beavers are abundant in areas near the border of Belarus – Ukraine, bears are concentrated in Siberia …

For hunters, their unit of measurement is the animals that were shot down and their masses. For example, at the end of 2015, hunter Peter Maximov became famous for shooting down a boar weighing up to 535kg, shoulder height up to 1.70m in the Ural Mountains. It should be noted that in Eastern Europe, the average index of adult boars is only 300-350kg weight and 1.20m shoulder height. Maximov had to mobilize trucks to pull the spoils.

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Great hunting skill of the “gunner” animals

To survive in a dangerous animal world, each species needs to equip themselves with appropriate survival skills. Many species have chosen to evolve to become “gunners”, specializing in remote attacks instead of “leaf armor” battles to deal with prey.

Fish archers – shoot accurately bait up to 2m

Archery fish is the nickname of the pompano, the scientific name is Toxotidae. This family of fish consists of 7 species, distributed in the Indian Ocean and Pacific waters.
This is the most formidable gunner of the animal world because of its ability to accurately shoot prey up to 2m away – a distance 10 times larger than the body length less than 20cm. Archers often swim and observe insects and small animals on branches near the water. After that, they will gently approach and defeat the prey.
With a specially formed mouth, archery fish can utilize the dynamics of water to create spray force. Specifically, it adjusted the velocity and shape of the jet of water sprayed in the air, creating a flow of water with force 6 times the force of the jaw muscle. They can even estimate the weight of their prey to use the right amount of water, which helps them to be effective and still effective.

This spray can easily shoot prey that is sitting on the tree and falls on the water. The rest is simply swimming and “cup”.

Chameleon – catch prey lies 1.5 times more than the body length

Chameleon is one of the top assassins, likened to the small animal ninja world. Not only talented disguise “naturalization”, deceiving the enemy, the chameleon also possesses a very dangerous remote attack weapon, that is the tongue.
The attack with the tongue is fast, powerful and amazingly accurate. By using high-speed video and X-ray film, two Dutch biologists calculated the tongue of the chameleon rushing out of its mouth at speeds of up to 6m / s. It can catch prey located farther than 1.5 body length.

They also found that the lizard’s tongue accelerated from 0 to 6m/s in about 20 ms (milliseconds), so fast that it did not follow the general vital energy rules in muscles. Until now, scientists have yet to explain this extraordinary “tongue-thrust” mechanism.
In addition to skills such as good swimming, superior tree climbing, body discoloration and especially stereoscopic eyes with independently rotating pupils, the chameleon has a wide range of views. It can be said that chameleon converges almost full of elements of an ideal assassin.

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The scariest animals in the Amazon forest

Black Caiman: The crocodile that lives in this Amazon River is 6 meters long and weighs 300 kg. They can hunt monkeys, deer and even pythons of South America. In addition to the ability to pry and perfect camouflage, the Caiman Black Crocodile also has a strong jaw force. They often bite and pull the prey into the water, turning around to tear it apart. In 2010, biologist Deise Nishimura was attacked by a crocodile under the boat for months. She was lucky to escape but lost one leg.

South America python: This 6 m long and 250 kg python has the ability to tighten, causing the prey to choke and swallow. They can attack by biting their prey and drowning in the water. In addition to lying prey, this nocturnal animal actively hunts.

Arapaima fish: As another giant Amazon creature, the Arapaima fish can reach up to 2 meters long, weigh 100 kg with thick and hard scales against the enemy. They live in areas where piranhas are unharmed. When attacking, the Arapaima often rushes towards the enemy. They can flip the boat and make people seriously injured. In 2002, television reporter Jeremy Wade was attacked by a child, causing serious injuries.


Coral Snake: Rule “Red and yellow can kill people. Black and red are death friends “that can be applied to some snake species in North America, but not in Amazon. Many types of coral snakes are neutral in color and easily blend in with the surrounding environment. These snakes usually stay away from humans, but if they are stepped on or struck, they will attack. Their venom contains toxins that make you stop breathing and lose your life within a few hours.

Assassin bug: In addition to the painful bite, they also transmit the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite that causes the disease of the drill bit. In the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, this disease causes death for 12,500 people every year.

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The joy of rural America

When the fall begins, millions of hunting enthusiasts in the United States will flock to wilderness areas to hunt birds and hunt animals. Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is often for those who like to hunt big animals like bison, wolf, mountain lion, moose, mountain goat and wild sheep. Going to the deer hunting trip of an American family, this is also an opportunity to learn the rural life of the flag country.

It must be said that American farmers live well, abandoned fields still have uneven money. In order to limit the amount of agricultural products that are too abundant and the prices are low, the Government has encouraged farmers to turn around to make land fallow in certain time periods. Farmers only need to apply to declare how many fields, what they are planting, how many acres are not planted …, if they meet the government’s requirements, they will be entitled to 75% of the regular income . However, the government also asked farmers to plant grass in abandoned areas so that wild animals have a fertile environment. Thanks to this policy, the service of hunting tourism was born and thrived. Now the farm owners will advertise how many wild land samples I have, including what animals there are, the number of how many … and the clubs and hunting tours will be based on. Arrange programs, hotels, restaurants. Many companies also organize annual hunting trips for the employees, hearing that only a hunting session costs an average of 200 USD per person.

To hunt for wild animals, visitors need to buy hunting permits for each area and species they want to hunt. In addition, there must be a hunting rifle, binoculars or a telescope to see the animal before it is discovered. We have obtained licenses to hunt antelopes, deer and donkey ears. On the first day, we saw a group of elk just below the foothills. The elk flocks were too far away to hit, so when they started moving away, we decided to turn down the hill and follow their feet, trying to get close enough to hit.
Conquer the Grand Teton range

The hunt for the whole group is still long but for me, Wyoming nature is more attractive than this hobby. Following the winding pass roads, the group entered the Grand Teton National Forest. The road is quite easy to travel, on both sides of the road is very beautiful with the river meandering in the green meadows and the buffalo of wild buffalo grazing. In the distance, the smooth blue lake surface is covered in high mountains covered with white snow and vast, uncontrolled pine forest. Before entering the 191 motorway, the road goes along the Snake River (Snake River). The river water is fast and meandering so it attracts many people to play the canoe rider. Our car was running on the high road, looking down to see the canoes loaded with people wearing red life jackets rowing against the water.
This majestic Grand Teton Range has 12 peaks above 3,500 meters. The mountains are all year round. Before entering the national forest, we stayed at Jackson, a small town and houses, streets made of trees like in a cowboy movie. Looking from above, the town seemed to be in the middle of four high-mountain, green mountain walls. Right in the center of the town there is a square with four gates made of thousands of horns. Jackson is quite interesting thanks to a lot of thrilling entertainment for tourists, in which the most risky is riding bison. We all stuck out our tongue as we watched the rider forcefully embrace the cow’s neck tightly, while the ferocious bison kept jumping. The bad impression of the bison only diminished when we had lunch with some delicious dishes made from this animal. Wild beef made steaks or chopped into hamburgers is also delicious. Everyone ate to forget about having to enjoy the food of the Red Indians.

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The Benoit Brothers Trophy Tracker’s Signature Series Rifle

This limited edition Trophy Tracker’s Signature Series Rifle is a must-have for the serious hunter.
The rifle will feature 3 generations of signatures including Larry, Shane, Lanny, and Landon. Only 500
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As the Trophy Tracker’s Signature Series Rifle is a custom made product, deposits are non-refundable. Every effort will be made to cancel the order if timing allows but there is no guarantee. These rifles will be ordered through a licensed dealer and all conditions of purchase as required by law will need to be met before the customer can receive the gun. All sales contingent on FFL approval at point of purchase. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping, handling, taxes and other applicable fees associated with the purchase of rifle.


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Deer Hunting With The Benoits 2: No Fear DVD

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The Benoit’s Collectors Edition

This collectors edition features past and present articles, plus many photos depicting the Benoit family. Only 5,000 will be printed.

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Deer Hunting With The Benoits DVD

The Benoit Brothers fourth video covering the 2006 & 2007 season.

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Hunt Smarter Not Harder DVD

The Benoit Brothers third video includes the last three seasons (2003-2005).
80 Minutes of extreme whitetail hunting which is both entertaining and instructional.

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Trophy Tracker’s Signature Series Rifle: This is a custom made product and deposits are non-refundable. Every effort will be made to cancel the order if timing allows but there is no guarantee. These rifles will be ordered through a licensed dealer and all conditions of purchase as required by law will need to be met before the customer can receive the gun.

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Attractive mobile games for gamers passionate about hunting

Deer Hunter 2014

The 2014 Deer Hunter inherits the advantages and improvements of previous versions, so the game is quickly supported by gamers around the world since its debut. Coming to Deer Hunter 2014, players will participate in exciting hunting. Your main task is to stalk prey, aim and defeat it.

After the rounds, defeating the prey will receive money in the game to buy, upgrade the equipment needed for the next hunting round. The difficulty of the game is that in addition to simple shooting screens, the game has a variety of moving targets or aggressive animals that can come back to attack you at any time.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Change the atmosphere a bit with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, your goal this time is the extinct Dinosaurs. The game is designed with a separate 3D environment including pine forest, swamp and hills suitable for various hunting tactics.

Players will have to use all the elements such as wind direction, scent to create attention dinosaurs, monitor the situation and end the goal. There are many maps and dinosaurs, besides a skilled hunter weapon system for players.

Ice Age Hunter

Returning to the Ice Age on an island, cold and exhausted but still standing up to fight to protect your life. Coming to Ice Age Hunter, you will face wild mammal beasts full of monstrous flying creatures or mammoth elephants that are only seen through movies.

The unique feature of the game is that it allows players to roam around exploring with a specialized motorbike to go on ice, and remember to pay attention to the compass.

Dragon Slayer

Perhaps the dragon species is only in legend, but they are all mentioned along with terrifying powers with giant form. So, to satisfy your pleasure, you cannot use conventional ammunition to hunt them, control your character in the game with special magic abilities. You can equip magic gloves, armor, robes and find a companion to destroy the scary targets. Try a new style of play on this topic with Dragon Slayer.

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Bow Hunter- Surreal “hunting” game on mobile

Bow Hunter is a 3D game that simulates the super-realistic hunting process to prepare for a mobile landing on July 14th.
Bow Hunter is a very interesting and attractive hunting game that will launch on mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms on July 14th. With the players who love hunting, want to be a great hunter, Bow Hunter will be the name that you should not ignore, one of the best-rated hunting products on the phone.
Under archery game genre first-person perspective with true world and colorful 3D graphics, players will play a deer hunter with the journey through many different lands in the forest bushy. Not only hunting with bow arrows, players must use real tricks to apply to this game as a disguise.
In Bow Hunter, players will be able to explore the dense forests of the United States to compete and win valuable prizes with a variety of other hunters around the world. This game requires you to rely on your dexterity and excellent reflexes to become the best hunter. Besides, in addition to weapons that are the bow and arrow, players also need to pay attention to using other items such as Rangefinders to distance themselves from their prey.
Each stage includes different tasks and tasks so that players can show their hunting skills as well as tactics to control their prey. However, the main content is still hunting scenes with bows and prey ahead. After you have completed the hunt, you will have the opportunity to unlock the next area and many in-game aids.
What is quite interesting in Bow Hunter is that, like real life hunting, the arrows fired are affected by the wind speed and will sink after a certain distance, so the hunter will need to be patient and wait to catch the prey.
According to the developer, compared to previous game versions of the same genre, the Bow Hunter visual and sound effects have been significantly improved. Game owns true 3D graphics platform with beautiful and vivid motion effects like real. The environment in the game is very diverse, from the sunlight shining through the canopy to the animal design in the game is also polished and meticulous. Add to that the slow-motion effect every time that shot finishes an animal.