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Bow Hunter- Surreal “hunting” game on mobile

Bow Hunter is a 3D game that simulates the super-realistic hunting process to prepare for a mobile landing on July 14th.
Bow Hunter is a very interesting and attractive hunting game that will launch on mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms on July 14th. With the players who love hunting, want to be a great hunter, Bow Hunter will be the name that you should not ignore, one of the best-rated hunting products on the phone.
Under archery game genre first-person perspective with true world and colorful 3D graphics, players will play a deer hunter with the journey through many different lands in the forest bushy. Not only hunting with bow arrows, players must use real tricks to apply to this game as a disguise.
In Bow Hunter, players will be able to explore the dense forests of the United States to compete and win valuable prizes with a variety of other hunters around the world. This game requires you to rely on your dexterity and excellent reflexes to become the best hunter. Besides, in addition to weapons that are the bow and arrow, players also need to pay attention to using other items such as Rangefinders to distance themselves from their prey.
Each stage includes different tasks and tasks so that players can show their hunting skills as well as tactics to control their prey. However, the main content is still hunting scenes with bows and prey ahead. After you have completed the hunt, you will have the opportunity to unlock the next area and many in-game aids.
What is quite interesting in Bow Hunter is that, like real life hunting, the arrows fired are affected by the wind speed and will sink after a certain distance, so the hunter will need to be patient and wait to catch the prey.
According to the developer, compared to previous game versions of the same genre, the Bow Hunter visual and sound effects have been significantly improved. Game owns true 3D graphics platform with beautiful and vivid motion effects like real. The environment in the game is very diverse, from the sunlight shining through the canopy to the animal design in the game is also polished and meticulous. Add to that the slow-motion effect every time that shot finishes an animal.