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Top ten best hunting games for Android (part 3)


Wild Hunter 3D

Price: Free to play

Wild Hunter 3D is a mission hunting game. Boasting more than 200 story missions, this game has a surprising amount of content. In addition, it offers a bunch of weapons for players to collect and upgrade, as well as decent mechanics and graphics. It takes a few times for players to get used to the game’s controls because there are so many buttons. But that’s about the only key gripe that we have aside from it being to play game for free. In general, it’s a decent hunting simulator for those who don’t mind the in-app purchases.

Wild Hunt

Price: Free to play

Wild Hunt is one of the most popular hunting games. Playing this game, you can hunt various wild games. It also features a variety of maps in different countries, adding difficulty with stuff such as rain and wind, and even several social gaming elements. Boasting real locations and actual animals, this game has no fiction. Players collect weapons and upgrade them as they do in free titles. The PvP is a little bit weird. In addition, it easily becomes one of the few that reaches for the top in this genre of game.

Pokemon Go and similar games

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Go is a bit of a mental stretch but it is a hunting game at its core. This game allows players to go out into the real world to take gyms, battle each other, and, surely, hunt down Pokemon and catch them. This game will get you out of your chair and come into the real world. However, it may get you disappointed at the lack of stuff such as guns. This is a family friendly game. It won’t scratch that hunting sim itch or perhaps it will since you have to go out into nature.


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Top ten best hunting games for Android (part 1)


Hunting is considered as humankind’s oldest activities. Nowadays, some people still enjoy it as a sport or hobby while others really hate it. Hunting has changed very little from its original version. You sit tight, wait to see, and then shoot the game. If you want  to play hunting as a mobile game, here are a bunch of hunting games for Android devices.

Deer Hunter 2018

Price: Free to play / $1.99-$4.99 each month

Deer Hunter 2018 is one of the famous hunting games by Glu. With this game, players have to try harder to be accurate and deep. You can hunt from any part of the world with various weapons and gear. It’s quite enjoyable to play. However, there is a bit of tension there since there are also predators that try to get you first. There are some elements to play for free and the game pushes strongly toward them along with its in-game subscription. Although it’s a bit irritating, the mechanics are solid enough.

Deer Hunter Classic

Price: Free to play

Deer Hunter Classic is similar to Deer Hunter 2018, but a little more classic. Deer Hunter Classic features more than 100 animal species for players to go out to find and hunt. It also provides various weapons and weapon upgrades so that you can increase your chances of success. The mechanics are easy enough to learn and the graphics are quite good. There are some bugs in the game, so prepare yourself for that one. It’s a decent time killer for hunting games fans.

Big Hunter

Price: Free / Up to $9.99 each month

In this arcade hunting game, you play as a hunter with various weapons and tactics. Massive animals chase you and you have to stop them. This is not a deep hunting game so don’t expect that with this one. It is a time killer for short play sessions.

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Attractive mobile games for gamers passionate about hunting

Deer Hunter 2014

The 2014 Deer Hunter inherits the advantages and improvements of previous versions, so the game is quickly supported by gamers around the world since its debut. Coming to Deer Hunter 2014, players will participate in exciting hunting. Your main task is to stalk prey, aim and defeat it.

After the rounds, defeating the prey will receive money in the game to buy, upgrade the equipment needed for the next hunting round. The difficulty of the game is that in addition to simple shooting screens, the game has a variety of moving targets or aggressive animals that can come back to attack you at any time.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Change the atmosphere a bit with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, your goal this time is the extinct Dinosaurs. The game is designed with a separate 3D environment including pine forest, swamp and hills suitable for various hunting tactics.

Players will have to use all the elements such as wind direction, scent to create attention dinosaurs, monitor the situation and end the goal. There are many maps and dinosaurs, besides a skilled hunter weapon system for players.

Ice Age Hunter

Returning to the Ice Age on an island, cold and exhausted but still standing up to fight to protect your life. Coming to Ice Age Hunter, you will face wild mammal beasts full of monstrous flying creatures or mammoth elephants that are only seen through movies.

The unique feature of the game is that it allows players to roam around exploring with a specialized motorbike to go on ice, and remember to pay attention to the compass.

Dragon Slayer

Perhaps the dragon species is only in legend, but they are all mentioned along with terrifying powers with giant form. So, to satisfy your pleasure, you cannot use conventional ammunition to hunt them, control your character in the game with special magic abilities. You can equip magic gloves, armor, robes and find a companion to destroy the scary targets. Try a new style of play on this topic with Dragon Slayer.