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The joy of rural America

When the fall begins, millions of hunting enthusiasts in the United States will flock to wilderness areas to hunt birds and hunt animals. Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is often for those who like to hunt big animals like bison, wolf, mountain lion, moose, mountain goat and wild sheep. Going to the deer hunting trip of an American family, this is also an opportunity to learn the rural life of the flag country.

It must be said that American farmers live well, abandoned fields still have uneven money. In order to limit the amount of agricultural products that are too abundant and the prices are low, the Government has encouraged farmers to turn around to make land fallow in certain time periods. Farmers only need to apply to declare how many fields, what they are planting, how many acres are not planted …, if they meet the government’s requirements, they will be entitled to 75% of the regular income . However, the government also asked farmers to plant grass in abandoned areas so that wild animals have a fertile environment. Thanks to this policy, the service of hunting tourism was born and thrived. Now the farm owners will advertise how many wild land samples I have, including what animals there are, the number of how many … and the clubs and hunting tours will be based on. Arrange programs, hotels, restaurants. Many companies also organize annual hunting trips for the employees, hearing that only a hunting session costs an average of 200 USD per person.

To hunt for wild animals, visitors need to buy hunting permits for each area and species they want to hunt. In addition, there must be a hunting rifle, binoculars or a telescope to see the animal before it is discovered. We have obtained licenses to hunt antelopes, deer and donkey ears. On the first day, we saw a group of elk just below the foothills. The elk flocks were too far away to hit, so when they started moving away, we decided to turn down the hill and follow their feet, trying to get close enough to hit.
Conquer the Grand Teton range

The hunt for the whole group is still long but for me, Wyoming nature is more attractive than this hobby. Following the winding pass roads, the group entered the Grand Teton National Forest. The road is quite easy to travel, on both sides of the road is very beautiful with the river meandering in the green meadows and the buffalo of wild buffalo grazing. In the distance, the smooth blue lake surface is covered in high mountains covered with white snow and vast, uncontrolled pine forest. Before entering the 191 motorway, the road goes along the Snake River (Snake River). The river water is fast and meandering so it attracts many people to play the canoe rider. Our car was running on the high road, looking down to see the canoes loaded with people wearing red life jackets rowing against the water.
This majestic Grand Teton Range has 12 peaks above 3,500 meters. The mountains are all year round. Before entering the national forest, we stayed at Jackson, a small town and houses, streets made of trees like in a cowboy movie. Looking from above, the town seemed to be in the middle of four high-mountain, green mountain walls. Right in the center of the town there is a square with four gates made of thousands of horns. Jackson is quite interesting thanks to a lot of thrilling entertainment for tourists, in which the most risky is riding bison. We all stuck out our tongue as we watched the rider forcefully embrace the cow’s neck tightly, while the ferocious bison kept jumping. The bad impression of the bison only diminished when we had lunch with some delicious dishes made from this animal. Wild beef made steaks or chopped into hamburgers is also delicious. Everyone ate to forget about having to enjoy the food of the Red Indians.