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The man conquered the most aquatic monsters in the world

We often hear about sea monsters in the ocean or in large lakes. Does anyone think that hiding under familiar freshwater rivers also has a ferocious, carnivorous monster like this?
Jeremy Wade is a television program-maker who specializes in hunting special fish in rivers. It is a very successful and famous program called “River Monsters”.
The giant sea monsters have “invited” Jeremy Wade to be present in India, where the potassium river flows through, near the Himalayan majestic mountains. People in the area said that the monsters in the river had eaten the local people for decades.

After many searches, Jeremy Wade eventually discovered one of the giant “murderers” under water. After a long struggle, Jeremy Wade can catch the fish. It was a giant catfish over 1.8 meters long, equal to or even bigger than the size of an adult man.

The menu of the giant catfish on the Kali River is the ill-fated locals. They are growing in size and can swallow an adult. Despite many dangers and willingness to deal with this sea monster, Jeremy Wade pulled them out of the water and brought these catfish images to the whole world. This also surprised many people about what Jeremy Wade has done.

This is not the first time Jeremy Wade searches and catches monsters on rivers. He has done this “hard work” since more than a decade ago and this is also the reason Jeremy Wade became famous today.
Jeremy Wade is now 61 years old and is still working on finding monsters in the river. He said: “I did not expect the release of images of this giant catfish shocked people so much. This can be considered one of the most prominent footage in my program. ”

The River Monsters program has turned to the eighth part in more than 40 locations and premieres in over 100 countries worldwide.

Fish that appear in Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters are not fish that can easily be found in magazines. He chose the most special fish, even the ones mentioned in books about biological history, that he was unsure of.

Jeremy Wade used to show everyone the most bizarre, the biggest and the biggest monster no one has ever seen. These are the carnivorous fishes nicknamed the “Red Devil on Mexico’s Cortez Coast, or a cannibalistic barracuda looking for ill victims in the Florida Keys.” There was even a time when Jeremy Wade had found bizarre barracuda, a combination of octopus and sharks, or a tentacle-filled jellyfish with a powerful poison that could kill one adult people with dizzying speed.

Jeremy Wade is still on his quest to find his biggest, most powerful monster all over our planet.