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The scariest animals in the Amazon forest

Black Caiman: The crocodile that lives in this Amazon River is 6 meters long and weighs 300 kg. They can hunt monkeys, deer and even pythons of South America. In addition to the ability to pry and perfect camouflage, the Caiman Black Crocodile also has a strong jaw force. They often bite and pull the prey into the water, turning around to tear it apart. In 2010, biologist Deise Nishimura was attacked by a crocodile under the boat for months. She was lucky to escape but lost one leg.

South America python: This 6 m long and 250 kg python has the ability to tighten, causing the prey to choke and swallow. They can attack by biting their prey and drowning in the water. In addition to lying prey, this nocturnal animal actively hunts.

Arapaima fish: As another giant Amazon creature, the Arapaima fish can reach up to 2 meters long, weigh 100 kg with thick and hard scales against the enemy. They live in areas where piranhas are unharmed. When attacking, the Arapaima often rushes towards the enemy. They can flip the boat and make people seriously injured. In 2002, television reporter Jeremy Wade was attacked by a child, causing serious injuries.


Coral Snake: Rule “Red and yellow can kill people. Black and red are death friends “that can be applied to some snake species in North America, but not in Amazon. Many types of coral snakes are neutral in color and easily blend in with the surrounding environment. These snakes usually stay away from humans, but if they are stepped on or struck, they will attack. Their venom contains toxins that make you stop breathing and lose your life within a few hours.

Assassin bug: In addition to the painful bite, they also transmit the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite that causes the disease of the drill bit. In the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, this disease causes death for 12,500 people every year.