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The “unimaginable” way of survival of African aborigines

Although human society has grown far from primitive times, there are still aboriginal and tribal people living by hunting instincts for survival.
Take a look at their interesting life that we may have little chance to experience.

Through their survival battle, we can somehow imagine the life of our ancestors. A life that only serves the most basic needs to survive.

At the same time, I also felt the brutality of the war of survival between people and nature.

Pirates of the beast’s food
Harsh life makes African tribes and aborigines become reckless even with wild animals, lacking in food due to hard-to-catch prey like deer or horses, the native inhabitants think of a way Get unique food.

In this way, Aboriginal people will not lose their hunt for very hard prey such as antelopes, horses, deer … but the price is very expensive to pay because the evil animals are also hungry and not easy. give up your delicious meal.

Only with simple weapons like bows and arrows … the reckless Aboriginal people took away the food of the hungry lions of more than 15 children.

Find water in the desert

Besides the scarce food source, the water source also challenges every creature on Earth. How is this desert desert aboriginal people looking for water?
When natural water sources become scarce, the aborigines will look for roots or tubers in the desert, dig them up to get water.
Get honey

Honey is a nutritious and precious food for them, so the skill of getting bile to not be burned by bees is also one of the skills that every Aboriginal person needs to equip.

By taking unique fire, Aboriginal people can dispel bees with haze:

Aboriginal hunting and trapping

Hunting is a survival skill of people right from the early days of the early days, the life outside of the wild is even more demanding of these great skills.

Unique and sometimes dangerous ideas will make us shudder with the way they live.

Besides, there are quite funny hunting ways when using monkeys to drive pigs. When they are exhausted, they can easily catch it without much effort.

An equally dangerous creature is the electric eel that the Amazon aborigines often catch, it carries an electric current of up to 900 V, enough to kill an adult.

By their own method, they use poisonous plants in the forest, smash it and put them on the water. This poison will reduce the amount of oxygen and poison the water, and make Amazon the most dangerous animal to escape.

The rest after hours of waiting was using a sharp stick to stab the eel when it appeared. However, even after death it is still very dangerous, they have to use a stick through the person and do not touch it when brought back to the village.